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Salesforce Preparing for your Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant Exam Sample Questions (Q96-Q101):


A company collects subscriptions on its websites. It does the following:

* Compiles that subscription list in a database in the website content Management System (CMS).

* Posts this encrypted list to Marketing Cloud nightly at 11 p.m.

* Uses Marketing Cloud as the database of record.

* Sends up to five emails a week based on subscriber engagement with prior sends.

What automation sequence (excluding waits) should cover these requirements?

  • A. File Transfer > Import File > SQL Query > Send Email
  • B. File Transfer > Data Extract > Filters > Send Email
  • C. File Transfer > Import File > Measures > Send Email
  • D. File Transfer > SQL Query > Measures > Send Email

Answer: A


Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO), a longtime Marketing Cloud customer, has decided to adopt Journey Builder to help with the execution of their marketing programs. NTO does not want to duplicate efforts within the platform and has asked if they could stop using Automation Studio Entirely.

Which three tasks would a consultant suggest for using Journey Builder instead of Automation Studio?

  • A. Building simple segmented campaigns without SQL queries
  • B. Processing zipped and encrypted file containing subscriber data
  • C. Designing decision logic via an intuitive user interface
  • D. creating customer segments from multiple data extensions
  • E. Setting behavior-based goals

Answer: B,C,D


Which two statements are accurate regarding segmentation options in Marketing Cloud? Choose 2 answers

  • A. A filtered data extension can be populated with a filter activity.
  • B. A data filter can be automated with a filter activity.
  • C. A random data extension can be updated with a filter activity.
  • D. A data extension can be updated using a query activity.

Answer: B,C


A customer is developing a new eCommerce section of their website and plans to leverage transactional data in customer journeys.

Which two Marketing Cloud features will support this effort?

Choose 2 answers

  • A. Content Builder
  • B. Web Analytics Connector
  • C. Cloud Pages
  • D. Data Designer

Answer: A,B


Northern Trail Outfitters is sending email messages using Marketing Cloud Connect through the Sales Cloud user interface. All of their sends initiated from Sales Cloud have a status of failed.

What should the consultant do to diagnose the issue?

  • A. Initiate a log to troubleshoot package-related API calls.
  • B. Change the connection option to Scope by User.
  • C. Ensure the System User is assigned the Standard User Profile.
  • D. Manually clear the OAuth token to refresh the connection.

Answer: A



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