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HP HPE2-K45 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Describe the HPE SimpliVity portfolio
  • Describe HPE SimpliVity TCO impact
  • Describe the HPE SimpliVity portfolio
Topic 2
  • Explain HPE SimpliVity deployment methods and upgrade procedures
  • Explain HPE SimpliVity architecture and components
Topic 3
  • Identify and describe HPE SimpliVity sizing and configuration tools
  • Describe the benefits of HPE Reference ARchitectures
Topic 4
  • Describe Installation, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting for HPE SimpliVity solutions
  • Describe HPE SimpliVity functionalities
Topic 5
  • Describe HPE SimpliVity support, security, and troubleshooting options
  • Explain HPE SimpliVity data efficiency technologies
Topic 6
  • Explain top use cases (VDI, ROBO, Datacenter Consolidation, Datacenter Protection)
  • Explain Managing HPE SimpliVity

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HP Using HPE SimpliVity Sample Questions (Q28-Q33):


A customer is analyzing data using HPE InfoSight for HPE SimpliVity. They found that the Total Data Stored

for a VM is significantly higher than the VM Storage Usage in vCenter. How do you explain these findings?

  • A. The VM is configured with RF3.
  • B. The Total Data Stored includes the datastore size and its replicas.
  • C. The VM was thick provisioned.
  • D. The Total Data Stored includes VM data, local backups, and remote backups.

Answer: A


A customer is planning to deploy VDI infrastructure on HPE SimpuVity platform. They are considering

implementing stretched cluster. Which statement regarding the design of a stretched cluster is true?

  • A. An Arbiter should be placed in a primary site and replicated to the secondary site.
  • B. Stretched clusters need additional licenses for VDI workloads,
  • C. Both Linked clones and Full clones are supported on a stretched cluster.
  • D. Stretched clusters support up to 96 HPE SimpliVity hosts.

Answer: A


A customer has development virtual machines that do not require storage HA. How can the customer save

storage capacity within an HPE SimpliVity cluster?

  • A. By disabling HA cluster functionality for HPE SimpliVity Federation
  • B. By placing them on HPE Storence instead of HPE SimpliVity
  • C. By creating a single-replica datastore for these virtual machines
  • D. By disabling the HA feature for only these virtual machines at vCenter Server

Answer: C


A customer plans to deploy HPE SimpliVity 380 Gen10 LFF H and HPE SimpliVity 380 Gen10 SFF H nodes.

What should you recommend tor this setup?

  • A. Put all of the nodes in the same cluster.
  • B. Replace the LFF nodes with all-flash nodes.
  • C. Put SFF and LFF nodes in separate clusters.
  • D. Put each type of the nodes in a different federation.

Answer: C


When should an svtcli account be used?

  • A. when hypervisor-based user is unavailable
  • B. to access HPE SimpliVity data using REST API
  • C. when two or more VCs are not available
  • D. for a daily management tasks performed using CLI

Answer: D



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