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Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Developer Sample Questions (Q82-Q87):


Refer to the screen shot below:

Given a site called RefArch that has the settings shown, what must be done for RefArch to use the same customer list as RefArchGlobal?

  • A. Enable "Customer List Sharing" in Global Preferences.
  • B. Import the RefArchGlobal customer list into the RefArch site.
  • C. Select RefArchGlobal in the dropdown for Customer List.
  • D. Enable "Customer List Sharing" in Site Preferences.

Answer: C


Assume the code below is executing:

Business Manager has the configuration:

* Active Log category is "root" with log level of "info."

Given this information, what is the beginning of the filename in which the log will be written?

  • A. custom-xyz
  • B. custom-export
  • C. custominfo-blade
  • D. xyz

Answer: A


A developer is asked to write a log containing the ID and name of the product with a variable named myProduct.

Which snippet of code should be used?

  • A. Logger.warn('The current producto is %s with name %s'), context(myProduct.getID(), myProduct.getName());
  • B. Logger.warn('The current producto is ${myProduct.getID()} with name ${myProduct.getName()}');
  • C. Logger.warn('The current producto is B2C-Commerce-Developer with name {1}'), context(myProduct.getID(), myProduct.getName());
  • D. Logger.warn('The current producto is B2C-Commerce-Developer with name {1}', myProduct.getID(), myProduct.getName());

Answer: D


A client that sells to multiple countries in Europe needs to disable Apple Pay for Denmark.

Which Business Manager module is used to achieve this requirement?

  • A. Apple Pay
  • B. Payment Methods
  • C. Locale Payments
  • D. Payment Processors

Answer: A




A developer needs to perform the same additional checks before completing multiple routes in a custom controller, in order to decide whether to render a template or redirect the user to a different page.

According to SFRA best practices, what is the correct approach to improve code reusability in this scenario7

  • A. Append a new function to all the existing routes with the server module.
  • B. Define a new middleware function and use it in the existing routes.
  • C. Use the superModule property in the existing routes to extend their functionality.
  • D. Replace the existing routes by creating a controller in separate new cartridge.

Answer: B



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