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Topics to Cover

ServiceNow CIS-ITSM exam is based on the learnings, key topics, and activities encountered during ServiceNow implementations.

Following are the major modules, learning domain, sub-skills along with their weight-age in the examination, giving you a clear view of which topics and skills inclusive, you should focus on for the certification.Note: The list and details are not an all-inclusive content list. ServiceNow reserves the right to change and update the content (topics, sub-skills, and weight-age) at any point in time.

  • Knowledge Management: 10%
  • Configuration Management Database: 5%
  • Request Fulfillment Management: 25%

For each ITSM application, the candidate must know the following for each module

  • Baseline Application FunctionalityBasic and advanced features in baseline installationNew functionality and features added or changedState model and default process flowBasic and advanced operations performed by users and system

  • Business Cases / Use CasesValue propositionKPIs and BenchmarksAppropriate features and functions basis business requirements

  • Architecture and SecurityKey tables used in applicationsRelationships among tablesRoles and default access controlsPrimary application components including Scripts, Business Rules, etcIntegration capabilities

  • Proven Practices for ImplementationImplementation approach to meet requirements to preserve upgradability, scalability, and maintainabilityImplementation solutions to work in conjunction with application functionality

Based on the above-mentioned syllabus and their related weight-age, it is clear that there is no one topic a candidate should focus on or a candidate can leave while preparing for the examination. The candidate needs to go through and be proficient in every topic.


This certificate verifies the fundamental knowledge to become a development consultant ensuring if the candidate is skilled enough of practically applying the knowledge gained through pieces of training and practical experience of working within the projects.

ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist - IT Service Management Sample Questions (Q70-Q75):


In which situation would an Order Guide be used?

  • A. Administrators choose not to use Workflow
  • B. Multiple items are typically ordered together
  • C. Items have a complex fulfillment process
  • D. Administrators prefer user-friendly forms qith questions and answers

Answer: B



Order Guides allow organizations to group multiple items typically ordered together. One common use of Order Guides is to onboard a new employee. This process may involve provisioning a computer with appropriate software, access to key systems, telephone setup, etc. Order Guides may standardize the process and allow hiring managers to track progress for each component to ensure on-time delivery


Which of the following roles can delete a CAB definition?

  • A. None of the listed answers
  • B. change_manager
  • C. itil_admin
  • D. cab_manager

Answer: A


Only system admin can delete CAB Definitions.


A developer gets an error saying "Maximum Trigger Depth Exceeded."

What is a possible reason to get this error message?

  • A. The SOQL governor limits are being hit.
  • B. A Process Builder is running that sends mass emails.
  • C. There are numerous DML operations in the trigger logic.
  • D. A trigger is recursively invoked more than 16 times.

Answer: D




Which of the following tables does the change_task_sla database view join? (Choose all that apply.)

  • A. change_request
  • B. metric_instance
  • C. change_task
  • D. task_sla
  • E. change_sla

Answer: C,D


Which of the following are valid states for Standard Change requests? (Choose all that apply.)

  • A. Authorize
  • B. Review
  • C. Assess
  • D. Implement
  • E. Scheduled

Answer: B,D,E



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