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What is the duration, language, and format of the Fortinet NSE7_PBC-6.4 exam

Format: Multiple choices, multiple answers

  • Language: English, French and Spanish.
  • Length of Examination: 3 hours
  • Number of Questions: 150
  • Passing score: 75%

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Fortinet NSE 7 - Public Cloud Security 6.4 Sample Questions (Q20-Q25):


You need to deploy FortiGate VM devices in a highly available topology in the Microsoft Azure cloud. The following are the requirements of your deployment:

* Two FortiGate devices must be deployed; each in a different availability zone.

* Each FortiGate requires two virtual network interfaces: one will connect to a public subnet and the other will connect to a private subnet.

* An external Microsoft Azure load balancer will distribute ingress traffic to both FortiGate devices in an active- active topology.

* An internal Microsoft Azure load balancer will distribute egress traffic from protected virtual machines to both FortiGate devices in an active-active topology.

* Traffic should be accepted or denied by a firewall policy in the same way by either FortiGate device in this topology.

Which FortiOS CLI configuration can help reduce the administrative effort required to maintain the FortiGate devices, by synchronizing firewall policy and object configuration between the FortiGate devices?

  • A. config system ha
  • B. config system sdn-connector
  • C. config system auto-scale
  • D. config system session-sync

Answer: A


You have been asked to secure your organization's salesforce application that is running on Microsoft Azure, and find an effective method for inspecting shadow IT activities in the organization. After an initial investigation, you find that many users access the salesforce application remotely as well as on-premises.

Your goal is to find a way to get more visibility, control over shadow IT-related activities, and identify any data leaks in the salesforce application.

Which three steps should you take to achieve your goal? (Choose three.)

  • A. Deploy and configure FortiCWP with a workload guardian license.
  • B. Deploy and configure FortiGate with Security Fabric solutions, and FortiCWP with a storage guardian advance license.
  • C. Deploy and configure FortiCASB with a Fortinet FortiCASB subscription license.
  • D. Configure FortiCASB and set up access rights, privileges, and data protection policies.
  • E. Use FortiGate, FortiGuard, and FortiAnalyzer solutions.

Answer: C,D,E


Your company deploys FortiGate VM devices in high availability (HA) (active-active) mode with Microsoft Azure load balancers using the Microsoft Azure ARM template. Your senior administrator instructs you to connect to one of the FortiGate devices and configure the necessary firewall rules. However, you are not sure now to obtain the correct public IP address of the deployed FortiGate VM and identify the access ports.

How do you obtain the public IP address of the FortiGate VM and identify the correct ports to access the device?

  • A. In the configured load balancer, access the inbound NAT rules section.
  • B. In the configured load balancer, access the health probes section.
  • C. In the configured load balancer, access the inbound and outbound NAT rules section.
  • D. In the configured load balancer, access the backend pools section.

Answer: C


Refer to the exhibit.

The exhibit shows a topology where multiple connections from clients to the same FortiGate-VM instance, regardless of the protocol being used, are required.

Which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)

  • A. The Cloud Load Balancer Session Affinity setting should be changed to CLIENT_IP.
  • B. The design shows an active-passive FortiGate-VM architecture.
  • C. The Cloud Load Balancer Session Affinity setting should use the default value.
  • D. The design shows an active-active FortiGate-VM architecture.

Answer: A,D


When an organization deploys a FortiGate-VM in a high availability (HA) (active/active) architecture in Microsoft Azure, they need to determine the default timeout values of the load balancer probes.

In the event of failure, how long will Azure take to mark a FortiGate-VM as unhealthy, considering the default timeout values?

  • A. 30 seconds
  • B. 20 seconds
  • C. 16 seconds
  • D. Less than 10 seconds

Answer: A



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