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IIA-CRMA Exam covers the following topics:

IIA-CRMA exam dumps cover the following topics of the IIA-CRMA Exam.

  • Risk Management Assurance: 55%
  • Risk Management Governance: 25%
  • Internal Audit Roles and Responsibilities: 20%

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Get to know about the actual objective of IIA-CRMA Exam?

This certification is considered the global credential for the risk professionals in the industry. As a professional trained in risk management, you are able to apply your understanding to practical situations. You are able to make important decisions about how to improve your organization's risk management practices. IIA-CRMA exam dumps compiles information for your preparation to ensure your success. This certification demonstrates that you have achieved mastery of the required disciplines of Risk Management Planning and Risk Management Assurance. Comprehensive business review materials and preparation guides will help you be prepared for this exam domain.

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IIA Certification in Risk Management Assurance (CRMA) Exam Sample Questions (Q102-Q107):


An assurance mapping exercise helps an organization do which of the following?

1. Provide assurance to stakeholders that risks are managed and reported, and regulatory and legal obligations are met.

2. Fulfill best practices in the industry.

3. Identify and address any gaps in the risk management process.

4. Identify fraud.

  • A. 1 and 4.
  • B. 1 and 3.
  • C. 3 and 4.
  • D. 2 and 3.

Answer: B


Which of the following best explains why integrity is a necessary personal quality for internal auditors at all levels?

  • A. Internal auditor integrity enables users of internal auditors' work to make important business decisions.
  • B. Internal auditor integrity enables the internal auditor to avoid being challenged by any party in the organization.
  • C. Internal auditor integrity enables stakeholders to constantly question the work of the internal audit activity.
  • D. Internal auditor integrity enables the internal audit activity to be able to demonstrate independence.

Answer: A


Which of the following must be in existence as a precondition to developing an effective system of internal controls?

  • A. A monitoring process.
  • B. An information and communication process.
  • C. A risk assessment process.
  • D. A strategic objective-setting process.

Answer: C


A manufacturing organization discovers that the waste water released has failed to meet permitted limits.

Which control function will be least effective in correcting the issue?

  • A. Performing a chemical analysis of the water, prior to discharge, for components specified in the permit.
  • B. Establishing a preventive maintenance program for the pretreatment system.
  • C. Posting signs that tell employees which substances may be disposed of via sinks and floor drains within the facility.
  • D. Diluting pollutants by flushing sinks and floor drains daily with large volumes of clean water.

Answer: D


Which of the following is the primary engagement responsibility of an entry-level internal auditor?

  • A. Leadership.
  • B. Documentation.
  • C. Analysis.
  • D. Reporting.

Answer: C



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