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Adobe AD0-E213 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Identify the characteristics of a data layer and data layer values
  • Identify features and capabilities of Adobe Experience Cloud ID
Topic 2
  • Identify functions of Adobe Analytics report suite and variable settings
  • Identify the meaning of common Adobe Analytics variables errors
Topic 3
  • Identify the steps to configure website tagging with Adobe Launch
  • Identify if requirements have been met using tag audits
Topic 4
  • Identify the steps to configure various components within Adobe Analytics UI
  • Identify the functions of Adobe Analytics API
Topic 5
  • Given a Solution Design Reference, identify which data objects have to be populated
  • Given a part of a Tech Spec document, identify how to implement the data capture
Topic 6
  • Identify how to enable
  • support Adobe Analytics tags in the Adobe Experience Cloud Ecosystem
  • Identify functions of minimal deployment code for Analytics tracking
Topic 7
  • Given a scenario, identify how to enable, modify, and troubleshoot extensions in Adobe Launch
  • Analytics Strategy and Design Based on a Solution Design Reference
Topic 8
  • Given a scenario, identify testing and debugging validation best practices that should be followed
  • Analytics Implementation and Configuration
Topic 9
  • Identify the characteristics of processing rules and mobile services
  • Analytics in the Adobe Experience Cloud Ecosystem

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Adobe Analytics Developer Professional Sample Questions (Q29-Q34):


What type of launches can authors use to avoid repetitive work in various places of their websites?

  • A. Nested launches
  • B. Root branch launches
  • C. Inherited launches

Answer: A


A professional is troubleshooting the production implementation and no data appears in the debugger. What

needs to be done?

  • A. Make sure the header code is outside the <head> tag.
  • B. Enable any plug-ins that might stop data from being sent to Adobe's servers.
  • C. Work with the organization's website owners to make sure all JavaScript errors are resolved.

Answer: B


Identify the correct features of Rollup Reports from below options, kindly select 2 options which imply the same? Select all that apply.

  • A. When you add a report suite to an existing rollup, historical data is included in the rollup.
  • B. Data contained in rollup report suites does not support breakdowns or segments.
  • C. Rollup report suites can include a maximum of 40 child report suites.
  • D. Rollup report suites do not have any limit for events.

Answer: A,C


The two correct features of Rollup Reports are as follows: A. Rollup report suites can include a maximum of 40 child report suites. B. When you add a report suite to an existing rollup, historical data is included in the rollup. For more information, please refer to the Adobe Analytics Developer Professional study guide.


An analytics manager at XYZ company is looking to upload order conversions into Adwords so that he/she

can optimize paid search campaign performance. Which Adobe Analytics API can the manager be advised to


  • A. Report Suite API
  • B. Data Sources API
  • C. Reporting APIs

Answer: A


Product owner is looking to capture outbound links user is clicking, automatically from the website without

actually having to add custom code on the website. As a developer what steps would you take?

  • A. On every page, after the s.t() call make sure to execute the code s.trackExternalLinks = true;
  • B. On every page, make sure the config variables s.trackExternalLinks, s.linklnternalFilters and

    s.linkExternalFilters are set before s.tO call.
  • C. On every page, make sure the config variable s.trackExternalLinks is set before s.tQ call.

Answer: A



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