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Salesforce MKT-101 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Message Testing, Delivery, and Email Marketing Best Practices
Topic 2
  • Introduction to Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Summary
Topic 3
  • Subscriber and Data Management
  • Analytics and Troubleshooting
Topic 4
  • Email Message Design and Creation
  • Marketing Automation

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Salesforce Build and Analyze Customer Journeys using Marketing Cloud Sample Questions (Q51-Q56):


Northern Trail Outfitters has configured Reply Mall Management to handle manual unsubscribe requests. However, they have received complaints from customers who are still getting marketing emails despite having sent multiple unsubscribe replies including phrases like "take me off your list" or "opt out".

How could this behavior be corrected'

  • A. Ensure the two phrases are added the "Filtered Keywords" data extension
  • B. Ensure the two phrases are added to a filtered keyword list
  • C. Ensure the DNS Record Redirect is correctly configured
  • D. Ensure "Common Misspellings" Is selected as one of the Reply Filters

Answer: D


Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) sends a birthday coupon during the subscriber's birthday month. NTO wants to reward the subscriber based upon engagement with the email and provide further messages based on that interaction.

Which no-code features should be implemented to accomplish this?

  • A. Journey Builder and Engagement Split
  • B. Salesforce CDP and Einstein Engagement Scoring
  • C. Automation studio and Query Activity

Answer: A


Which combination of audiences can be selected in the recipient section for a specific Send?

  • A. Lists and Audiences
  • B. Lists or Data Extensions
  • C. Contacts or Audiences
  • D. Lists and Data Extensions

Answer: B


Northern Train Outfitters wants to maintain enterprise-wide opt-outs for two segments of its subscribers: Education Events and Sales. Which feature would the company use?

  • A. Shared Data Extensions
  • B. Shared Publication Lists
  • C. Shared Emails
  • D. Shared Portfolio Items

Answer: B


Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) was unable to process coupon codes for several days, when caused customers to complain about their experience. NTO would like to apologies by offering an upgraded coupon to help improve customer satisfaction

What should NTO do to automate the process of finding its affected customers?

  • A. Filter the data based on a specific date range.
  • B. Use Einstein engagement scores to identify affected users.
  • C. Query the data using a specific date range parameter

Answer: A



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