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The benefit of obtaining the Scrum PSM II: Professional Scrum Master II Exam Certification

  • This certification serves as concrete evidence for employers who are searching for employees with agile development skills.

  • The certification enables self-motivation, which can help improve the efficiency of the team.

  • Agile software environments have created an increase in demand for practitioners with agile methodology experience and who can handle and execute agile projects properly.

  • The qualification allows easy involvement in team events and brings a sense of ownership.

  • Having a Scrum Master Certified Professional in the team is always a plus for the organization.

Introduction to Scrum PSM II: Professional Scrum Master II Exam

The Professional Scrum MasterTM level II (PSM II) assessment is available to anyone who wishes to demonstrate his or her ability to apply the Scrum framework to solving advanced, complex problems in the real world. Those that pass the assessment will receive the industry-recognized PSM II Certification as an indication of their advanced knowledge and abilities about Scrum and the role of the Scrum Master.

Anyone attempting the PSM II should have advanced Scrum knowledge, in-depth Scrum experience, and/or have taken the Professional Scrum Master course before taking this assessment. However, attending a course is neither necessary nor sufficient for certification. The PSM II assessment is very difficult and consists of multiple-choice questions based on your knowledge of Scrum and how you would handle real-world situations. Preparation of the exam should be started with PSM II exam dumps.

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Scrum Professional Scrum Master level II (PSM II) Sample Questions (Q164-Q169):


What is the most appropriate action for the Scrum Master to take if the Product Owner is having difficulties managing the Product Backlog?

  • A. Have the Product Owner order the items based on size, having the Development Team work on the smallest items first.
  • B. Delegate the work to the Assistant Product Owner.
  • C. Delay the Sprint in order for the Product Owner to have enough time to prioritize the Product Backlog.
  • D. Have the Development Team order the work instead of the Product Owner.
  • E. Offer the Product Owner help in understanding that the goal of ordering the Product Backlog is to maximize the flow of value.

Answer: E




The Product Owner's primary concern is the flow of value reflected in the ordering of the Product Backlog.


The Scrum values promote Development Teams be cross-functional and have all the skills needed to build a product within the team.

While starting Scrum, what would be the advantages of keeping the existing component teams (e.g. design, database, backend, frontend)?

  • A. There is less communication overhead than working in feature teams.
  • B. Component teams would have all the skills needed to focus on their specific technical layer.
  • C. Component teams generally have all the skills needed to deliver shippable Increments that add business value.
  • D. Because they have been working together for some time, there will be less initial disruption than a newly formed team. As they begin working, they will discover what works best and how to move towards cross- functional teams.
  • E. Because their productivity is already predictable, they can deliver shippable Increments more quickly than a newly formed team.

Answer: D


The ones that will be doing the work are the best ones to decide on what Development Team structures work best.


Which two statements are the most accurate in regards to scaling Scrum for large projects requiring multiple Scrum Teams? (Choose two.)

  • A. Team members must work full time on a single Scrum Team.
  • B. Customizing the core Scrum framework is necessary to be successful with Scrum at large scale.
  • C. A well-structured Product Backlog can minimize and often eliminate Development Team members working on multiple Scrum Teams during a Sprint.
  • D. A person focusing on the Sprint Backlog of a single Scrum Team is often more productive than that same person working on multiple Scrum Teams at the same time.

Answer: C,D


A person or team working on a single problem at a time is typically more effective than one that is working on multiple problems congruently as they can fully focus and dedicate their energy to resolving the problem before moving to the next. Having a well-structured Product Backlog can help minimize dependencies and increase focus for each team.


What should a Development Team do if it realizes it has selected too much work after starting the Sprint?

  • A. Continue working and update the Product Owner at the Sprint Review.
  • B. Work with the Product Owner to remove some work or Product Backlog items as soon as possible.
  • C. Add additional team members to handle the extra work.
  • D. Modify the definition of "Done" to ensure all Product Backlog items can be done by the end of the Sprint.

Answer: B


The Sprint Backlog is a living artifact that evolves and changes as more is learned or discovered.


On a project where multiple Scrum Teams are working from the same Product Backlog, how should the work be distributed between teams?

  • A. Each Scrum Team must have an equal amount of User Stories per Sprint.
  • B. The Product Owner separates the Product Backlog items for each team.
  • C. The Scrum Team with the highest capacity will pull items from the Product Backlog first.
  • D. The Development Teams pull in work from a shared Product Backlog in agreement with the Product Owner and the other teams.

Answer: D


During Sprint Planning the number of items selected from the Product Backlog for the Sprint is solely up to the Development Team regardless of the number of Development Teams working from the same Product Backlog. Only the Development Team can assess what it can accomplish over the upcoming Sprint.



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