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CompTIA SY0-601 Exam Overview

SY0-601 test serves as the perfect means for all those applicants who want to make big into the world of cybersecurity and land a job there. By giving adequate exposure to key cybersecurity concepts and principles, the Security+ exam generates skilled and seasoned manpower. All in all, this exam covers effortlessly and efficiently topics like risk assessment, incident response, security controls, and many others. Once you nail your SY0-601 test, you will earn the CompTIA Security+ certification.

CompTIA SY0-601: Exam Topics

This certification test evaluates one’s practical troubleshooting knowledge and skills required to evaluate the security stance of an organization’s environment while recommending and implementing the relevant security solutions. It also measures the candidates’ ability to secure and monitor hybrid environments; function with the awareness of applicable policies and laws; identify, evaluate, and respond to different security incidents and events. Below are the specific skills that each of the exam topics contains.

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The Importance of CompTIA Security + (SY0-601) Exam

This exam is very good in general industry. It covers the required knowledge needed for a person to work in a security position. Accessing resources in this field is easy with the help of CompTIA Security + (SY0-601) exam certification. Solutions providers, resellers, and consultants are just some of the many professionals who use Security+ certification to grow their sales. Enable the person to enter the field of information systems security with the help of CompTIA SY0-601 exam certification. Applicants of this exam need to understand the basics of networks and the security threats that come with it. Preventing and resolving security threats is a key part of this job and is a must.

Security+ is the umbrella certification for all three CompTIA cybersecurity titles. SY0-601 exam dumps exam will provide you with the knowledge and skills for network security and risk management. Grades in the CHS certification have increased over the years as a result of available training and tools that allow for a better understanding of these technologies. Expand the knowledge of the security field by earning the Security+ certification. Hybrid cloud topics also provide training on how to work with cloud-based network security. Perfect your skills with the help of the Security+ certification.

CompTIA Security+ Exam Sample Questions (Q135-Q140):


A security administrator needs to create a RAID configuration that is focused on high read speeds and fault tolerance. It is unlikely that multiple drivers will fail simultaneously. Which of the following RAID configurations should the administration use?

  • A. RAID 10
  • B. RAID 5
  • C. RAID1
  • D. RA1D 0

Answer: D




A cybersecurity analyst reviews the log files from a web server and sees a series of files that indicates a directory-traversal attack has occurred. Which of the following is the analyst MOST likely seeing?





  • A. Option C
  • B. Option D
  • C. Option B
  • D. Option A

Answer: C


The security administrator has installed a new firewall which implements an implicit DENY policy by default.


Click on the firewall and configure it to allow ONLY the following communication.

1. The Accounting workstation can ONLY access the web server on the public network over the default HTTPS port. The accounting workstation should not access other networks.

2. The HR workstation should be restricted to communicate with the Financial server ONLY, over the default SCP port

3. The Admin workstation should ONLY be able to access the servers on the secure network over the default TFTP port.

Instructions: The firewall will process the rules in a top-down manner in order as a first match The port number must be typed in and only one port number can be entered per rule Type ANY for all ports. The original firewall configuration can be reset at any time by pressing the reset button. Once you have met the simulation requirements, click save and then Done to submit.



Hot Area:


Which of the following conditions impacts data sovereignty?

  • A. Criminal investigations
  • B. Rights management
  • C. Healthcare data
  • D. Intemational operations

Answer: D


A security analyst is responding to an alert from the SIEM. The alert states that malware was discovered on a host and was not automatically deleted. Which of the following would be BEST for the analyst to perform?

  • A. Add a deny-all rule to that host in the network ACL
  • B. Implement a network-wide scan for other instances of the malware.
  • C. Quarantine the host from other parts of the network
  • D. Revoke the client's network access certificates

Answer: B


What is Malware?

Malware, short for "malicious software," refers to any intrusive software developed by cybercriminals (often called "hackers") to steal data and damage or destroy computers and computer systems. Examples of common malware include viruses, worms, Trojan viruses, spyware, adware, and ransomware. Recent malware attacks have exfiltrated data in mass amounts.

How do I protect my network against malware?

Typically, businesses focus on preventative tools to stop breaches. By securing the perimeter, businesses assume they are safe. Some advanced malware, however, will eventually make their way into your network. As a result, it is crucial to deploy technologies that continually monitor and detect malware that has evaded perimeter defenses. Sufficient advanced malware protection requires multiple layers of safeguards along with high-level network visibility and intelligence.

How do I detect and respond to malware?

Malware will inevitably penetrate your network. You must have defenses that provide significant visibility and breach detection. In order to remove malware, you must be able to identify malicious actors quickly. This requires constant network scanning. Once the threat is identified, you must remove the malware from your network. Today's antivirus products are not enough to protect against advanced cyber threats. Learn how to update your antivirus strategy.



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