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Adobe Experience Manager Developer Expert Sample Questions (Q69-Q74):


Which environment variable in the AEM start script should a developer modify to enable remote debugging?

  • B. CQ_PORT
  • D. CQ_HOST

Answer: C


A developer wants to create a Client Library that will only be included on touch enabled devices.

What action should the developer take to achieve this?

  • A. Set the channels property on the Client Library Folder to "touch"
  • B. Add the line "#base=touch" to the js.txt and css.txt files in the Client Library Folder
  • C. Pass the parameter user-agent='touch' when referencing the Client Library
  • D. Create a resource folder called "touch" under the Client Library Folder

Answer: A


A developer creates an AEM editable template that includes a Layout Container. When the developer creates a page using this template, the Layout Container placeholder does NOT appear.

What is causing this issue?

  • A. The page template has NOT been enabled.
  • B. The page template has NOT been published.
  • C. The Layout Container has NOT been unlocked.
  • D. The Layout Container does NOT have a policy.

Answer: C


A developer needs to analyze log messages for custom Java application. The developer writes the following Java class:

The developer creates a custom log named custom.log with a debug level in OSGi web console for Java package com.abc.xyz.

Where should the developer look in the OSGi web console to view the above message?

  • A. Sling-> Log Support and click logs/custom.log
  • B. Sling -> Metrics and click logs/custom.log
  • C. OSGi -> Log Service and click logs/custom.log
  • D. AEM -> Log Support and click logs/custom.log

Answer: A


A developer needs to implement a functionality that requires creating a Custom Workflow Step.

Which two steps should the developer take to start developing the custom behavior? (Choose two)

  • A. Create a Workflow component node of the Super Resource Type "cq/workflow/components/model/process" under the folder /apps/components
  • B. Create a Workflow component node of the Super Resource Type "cq/workflow/components/step" under the folder /etc/workflow/models
  • C. Implement a Java class with this method "public void process (WorkItem item, WorkflowSession wfsession) throws WorkflowException"
  • D. Implement a Java class extending from class com.adobe.granite.workflow.exec.WorkflowProcess
  • E. Implement a Java class implementing the interface com.adobe.granite.workflow.exec.WorkflowProcess

Answer: A,E



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