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The cost of the BCS FBA15 certification exam is as follows:

  • Base Online Exam - USD 360
  • Online/Offline Exam - USD 440 (USD 180 + 240)

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The BCS FBA15 certification exam is a CCNA certified professional-level certification exam. The objective of this post is to provide insight into what you need to know before attempting this examination. It also discusses how BCS measures its student success in providing content mastery and knowledge of Cisco products, technology, and concepts.The BCS FBA15 Certification exam is one of the most popular examinations for studying to be an auditor. It provides plenty of benefits such as job security, competitive salary, and great career experience. This article will provide you with the exam information on what this examination entails, what are its benefits, how much it costs, and more so that you can build up your knowledge before taking these exams which are also covered in our BCS FBA15 Dumps.

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BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis Sample Questions (Q23-Q28):


A business analyst wishes to show that a company wants to store information about different types of product.

Some attributes are common to every product (for example; product name) but other attributes only apply to certain product types. For example, product material only applies to accessory products. Which of the following constructs could the business analyst use to represent this on a class model?

  • A. An association class.
  • B. A many-to-many multiplicity.
  • C. An <<extend>> structure.
  • D. A generalisation structure.

Answer: D


When undertaking a CATWOE' analysis, which sequence should the first four letters be considered in?

  • A. T, W, C, A
  • B. W, T, C, A
  • C. W, C, T, A

    P D. T, A, W, C

Answer: B


In which of the following circumstances do buyers have high bargaining power?

  • A. When switching costs are high.
  • B. When the cost of a product or service is low.
  • C. When the supplier brand is powerful.
  • D. When available sources of supply are available and easy to find.

Answer: D


Which ONE model is used for planning the training the support that people need as they adapt to change?

  • A. The Change Control Process Model.
  • B. The Capability Maturity Model.
  • C. The Corporate Training Plan.
  • D. The Concerns-Based Adoption Model.

Answer: D


It is unclear to a project sponsor why a particular requirement has been included in a recently released version of a system. Which of the following will allow him to identify who originally asked for the requirement?

  • A. The source of the requirement.
  • B. The validation of the requirement.
  • C. The resolution of the requirement.
  • D. The justification of the requirement.

Answer: A



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